We at Henley Constructions Pty Ltd have been renovating and building since 2006. We have completed many projects since our inception.

Whenever we have planned or urgent roadwork and security needs, Lock Hold Release (LHR) is the company we turn to. No matter the date and time we call and book, they never say no. To date we have not had one safety concern, pedestrian/business complaint, council concern and traffic flow disruptions.

They always plan the safest and best redirection routes when it comes to traffic and pedestrian control. We have found LHR are driven to ensure safety first. They always correspond with the members of Henley Constructions Pty Ltd when there is a concern.

They always arrive on time and equipped for every job we call them to. They show experience and professionalism when it comes to proposed routes and against any road rage incidents.

It is for this reason we recommend LHR for all your security and traffic control needs. Once you use LHR you will have one issue off your shoulder and be able to concentrate on other important issues.

Please feel free to Contact Henley Constructions Pty Ltd on 1300 436 539 for any queries.

Patrick Sarkis (Director) Henley Constructions Pty Ltd.